“Check Engine light” on?

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When you see your “check engine light” come on it is definitely worth getting your car checked. There are a multitude of problems that could cause it to come on. Getting your “check engine light” checked as soon as you can after the light comes on can possibly save you money in the long run. This could mean the difference between a maintenance repair instead of a major repair.

The down fall of taking it to a parts store to have it scanned for codes, can lead to sending you on a wild goose chase that will probably only lead you to wasting money at their store on parts you MAY or MAY NOT need.

Automotive computers receive data from hundreds of sensors located all over your vehicle. Each one of these sensors is constantly sending data back to the computer. The computer has parameters pre-set by the manufacturer for each one of the sensors. If a sensor starts sending back date that is reading outside of the factory pre-set parameters, then this will set a code that tells the “check engine light” to come on. These codes are not ALL KNOWING. These codes are aids to troubleshoot a problem that computer is detecting.

Here is why you should take your car to an honest professional automotive technician to see why your check engine light is on. We often see customers that come in after being somewhere else telling us that they have a “check engine light” on. Sometimes they are told that it is for a bad Oxygen sensor. Well, there are some codes that mean your sensor is bad and there are some codes that are reporting to the computer that the oxygen sensors are sending back reading that are out of the preset parameters. One code might mean you need to replace the sensor, and another code can mean that your engine is running too rich or too lean and that you might need some type of tune up work. If you have the second code and you replace your sensors you will have wasted your time, and 2 to 3 hundred dollars on sensors you didn’t need. Even worse you will still need to go pay to get fixed what was really wrong with your car. This is just one example and there are hundreds of others.

The bottom line is that you always want to take your car to a honest trained professional that can truly evaluate what your car actually needs. At AAMCO we offer a “Free Multi-Point Inspection” that allows us to check your car out at no charge or commitment on your part. At AAMCO we check out your car and then tell you what repairs if any are needed and leave it up to you to decide what you want to do.

Call now! AAMCO will check why your “Check Engine Light” is coming on.

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