How Often Should I Wash my car in the Winter?

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The Kansas City winter has hit us hard already this year. We’ve had a few major snowstorms already, and the salt seemed to make itself at home on the roads for several days in a row. With the wintry conditions comes dirty cars.

Our Kansas City winters bring more than just dirt and grime to our cars, though. Keeping your car clean during the winter is a part of winterizing your vehicle and keeping it in the best condition.

Washing Your car in the Winter: When Should you?

When the temperatures are near freezing, we understand why you may shy away from the car wash. The idea of washing your car when the temps could very well drop below freezing is not appealing. Door locks and trunks sometimes freeze shut or get damaged. Even though a regular car wash could pose a few risks, it is important to keep your car clean during the winter. However, to avoid some of those risk make sure you don’t wash your car right before sun set and if your car can be parked in the sun right after you finish washing it, the sun will dry it off quicker avoiding some of those possible freezing issues.

The roads get dirty during the winter months. Your car’s surface and undercarriage can become gritty, covered with road salt, ice and debris. When this grime covers your car, it becomes more prone to damage, such as pitting and rust.

It’s best to wash your car once or twice per month in the winter, depending on how much snow and precipitation there has been.

Best Winter Car Washing Tips

Keep extra windshield wiper fluid handy. It’s easy to run out in the middle of the long, cold winter.

Buy a heavy duty scraper and brush combination (or two). Keep one in the car and one at home. These make it easy to scrape your windshield off and brush off the snow from your car’s entire surface.

Don’t forget to keep your car’s interior clean. You’ve probably tracked in snow, salt and leaves as fall changed to winter. Vacuum the floors and seats regularly. Weather-proof floor mats can protect your carpet from the elements.

Winter Car Maintenance

How does your car look? If you’re thinking about cleaning it up and keeping it in the best shape possible all winter, call AAMCO Kansas City at (816) 533-4247 for maintenance or repair.

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