Don’t Ignore These Signs of Transmission Problems

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Have you noticed any strange noises or behaviors in your car? Sometimes these noises and patterns indicate a transmission problem. If your car’s transmission shows signs of trouble, you need to take action quickly. Repairing your transmission keeps your car in good condition – and keeps you safe.

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Not sure if your car’s transmission has problems? Check this list of the common signs of transmission problems.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Transmission Problems

1. If you have a manual transmission, you may notice that the transmission refuses to move into gear. If you can’t transition into first gear from a stop, or you can’t move between gears, you may have a transmission problem. The team at AAMCO Kansas City uses the latest equipment to diagnose these issues and solve them, whether large or small repairs are needed.

2. Smells coming from your car are hard to avoid. If you notice a burning smell, your transmission could be the culprit. Since the transmission fluid keeps the moving parts lubricated, it also prevents them from overheating and burning up. An overheated transmission is danger waiting to happen.

3. Leaks are a good sign that something is not right. Several of your car’s parts can leak, though, so it’s best to have someone who works with transmissions every day take a look. We know what leaks mean, so we can determine if there is a transmission problem and we make any repairs quickly.

4. A glowing dashboard warning light could indicate any number of problems, but your transmission might be a part of the problem if you notice other symptoms in combination with a lit “check engine” light. It is easy to ignore the dashboard lights, but it’s a risky choice. Have your car diagnosed by a pro.

Do you notice any of these transmission problem signs? If it is the right time to service your transmission, call AAMCO Kansas City for transmission service and repair. Schedule an appointment for fast and reliable transmission service by calling (816) 533-4247.

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