Winter Car Care Tips for Kansas City Drivers

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Keeping your car in top shape during the winter should be a priority for all drivers. In Kansas City, we’ve seen some rough winter conditions already, and we’re sure to face more harsh wintry conditions before we welcome spring.

Our cars take a beating when they’re exposed to cold temperatures, snow, sleet, ice, and salty roads. They deserve to be treated well during the long, cold winters. What should your winter car care plan of attack be? Check this list of car care tips for Kansas City drivers for simple ways to maintain your car and keep it running well all season and into the spring!

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Top Winter Car Musts for Kansas City

#1) Check or replace your tires

Some parts of the Kansas City metro will not see the snow plows often. Some narrow city streets are lined with parked cars, keeping the plows from clearing the streets and making it hard for salt to be applied. No matter where you live, you need to prepare your car for either rural or city streets that haven’t yet been treated.

Your tires are the point of contact between your car and the road. Make sure your tires are ready for winter by checking the tread and pressure. If you need tire rotation or replacement tires, we’re here to get your car’s tires ready for the road. Call our Kansas City location and set up an appointment.

#2) Waxing

We mentioned the importance of regular car washes during the winter, but we didn’t touch on waxing. Waxing is a winter car care staple because it gives your car’s paint an extra barrier from the winter elements. It also helps keep your car looking sparkly and clean, despite the salt and sludge that build up.

#3) Windshield Wiper Care

Windshield wipers are not only important in a rainstorm. Your wipers keep your windshield clear when ice and snow build up as you drive. Defrost helps give you a clear line of sight, but your windshield wipers often come in to save the day on bitterly cold Kansas City days when windshields ice over even as you’re driving.

Winter Car Maintenance

If you’re giving your car a makeover this winter to make sure it is running well all season, we would love to help. Call AAMCO Kansas City at (816) 533-4247 for maintenance or repair.

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