What Does the Color of Your Car Paint Say About You?

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Car Paint Colors and Personalities

Drivers who want to express their personality on the road do not have to do so through bumper stickers or erratic driving patterns anymore. As it turns out, the car paint colors that drivers choose say a lot about them as well. Wondering what yours says about you? Consider the traits associated with these common car paint colors.

Which Car Paint Color is Your Type?


The number one choice of car paint colors for luxury vehicles, black is sophisticated, classic and in control. Black is a common choice among people who like to consider themselves powerful and important, but who don’t need to shout about it.

Car Paint ColorsWhite

Another popular choice in car paint colors, white comes across as fresh, modern and young. It can be one of the more high-maintenance car paint colors, but young people who choose white cars may just have more time for that.


One of the shinier choices, silver presents its driver as high-class, upscale and classy. While silver is technically a neutral, it has a little glitz and glam that helps its driver stand out.


The flashiest, red, is a color that begs to be noticed. Drivers who choose car paint colors like red tend to be confident and fun go-getters. They like to enjoy life to the fullest and they often want to impress other people.


Car paint colors like brown and tan make the opposite statement. Drivers who browns typically care more about saving money or choosing a car that will last a long time and less about fashion or style.

Of course, these car paint colors and their traits are not rules, just general trends that have been seen time and time again. Several other factors do go into people’s decisions when choosing car paint colors. Still, seeing whether or not your car paint colors accurately reflect your personality is still lots of fun!

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