An Ode to Car Owner Problems

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car problemsDo you remember the days when you couldn’t wait to turn 16 and drive your own car? You probably thought that having a car would make you cool and solve all of your problems. As it turns out, owning a car doesn’t solve all of your problems. In fact, owning a car opens up your life to a whole new set of car problems. Here are five common car problems that come with car ownership.

Car Problems #1: You Have to Pay for It

Car ownership wouldn’t be so bad if you only had to pay for gas, like you did when you were a teenager. Factor in loan payments, interest, parking fees, insurance, car washes, routine maintenance and repair for car problems, however, and you have some hefty payments on your hands.

Car Problems #2: Car Related Tasks Take a Great Deal of Time

As if taking all of your money wasn’t enough, sometimes it feels as though your car is determined to take all of your time as well. A simple trip to the license branch can easily take an hour or more. A trip to the mechanic can leave you carless for days.

Car Problems #3: It Leaves You Stranded

It is inevitable. The morning of your big meeting or the day you are late to work is the day your car experiences car problems, leaving you stranded on the side of the highway.

Car Problems #4: You Become a Taxi

Once you have your own car, everyone you know who doesn’t have a car becomes your best friend. Suddenly your sister needs rides to the mall and your friends need rides to work. This doesn’t change as you get older, either.

Car Problems #5: You Have to Keep It Safe

You never had to worry about teenage vandals, thieves or hail until you had a car. Now every news report leaves you running outside to check for car problems. Once you have kids, your worry level goes through the roof.

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