Road Rage: Four Ways to Keep It Under Control

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Road Rage is a Common Problem

Anyone who has spent any length of time in a car knows just how annoying it can be to drive around other drivers. You know that road rage doesn’t help anything, but it can be hard to stay calm when you are in a hurry and everyone around you is driving like a crazy person. The next time you find yourself experiencing road rage, simply take a deep breath and use these four tips instead.

How do I keep my road rage under control?

road rage road safety1. Leave Early

Road rage is most often caused by being in a huge hurry to arrive at your destination. Instead of leaving at the last minute and rushing the whole way there, avoid road rage by leaving with plenty of time to spare.

2. Listen to Calming Music

It is hard to feel road rage when you are listening to music that makes you feel calm or happy. Whether you prefer classical music, smooth jazz, Christian or upbeat hip hop, listen to something that makes you happy. You will feel less road rage, and the ride will be much more enjoyable.

3. Count Your Blessings

Next time you are tempted to experience road rage over a minor driving infraction, take a minute to count your blessings instead. Be thankful that: you have a car, you have a job to be late to, you have a family to hurry home to, and you probably won’t see that other driver again.

4. Give the Other Person the Benefit of the Doubt

Someone just cut you off. You have two choices: either you can honk, scream and gesture, or you can let it go. Choose to believe that the other person is having a bad day or did the action unintentionally. Whether it is true or not makes no difference, other than to improve your road rage.

Take Our Tips on Road Rage With You

Road rage rarely helps you arrive at your destination faster. Instead, it usually just makes your drive unpleasant. Use these four tips to avoid road rage, and enjoy a pleasant drive instead.

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