Is It Time to Replace Your Shocks and Struts?

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Replacing your shocks and struts means smooth driving!

Most of us in the greater Kansas City area spend a staggering portion of our lives behind the wheel of our cars. We commute to and from work, sit in rush hour traffic, swing by the grocery store, and pick up the kids from school. According to a study by the Harvard Health Watch reported that the average American drives 101 minutes every day. Given how much time we spend in our cars, we should look for ways to make that time as comfortable as possible.

A Bumpy Ride

One of the easiest ways to improve your quality of life while in your vehicle is to regularly replace your shocks and struts. These essential parts of the suspension system work to provide you with a smooth and safe ride. The average set of shocks and struts will last about 50,000 miles, but yours could need replacing at anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 miles. So it’s up to you to know the signs that your shocks and struts might need replacing. These warning signs include:

  • Your vehicle bottoming out when you drive over bumps
  • Your tires wear unevenly
  • You notice unusual swaying when you make a turn or change lanes
  • Your car bounces excessively
  • You notice poor steering response or it seems that your vehicle isn’t handling well
  • One corner of your car seems to sag lower than the others

A Safer, Smoother Drive Awaits

It may be tempting to delay or even avoid repairs, but don’t. You compromise not only your comfort but also your safety when you drive on worn out shocks and struts. You might be able to ignore the annoying noises and jolting ride, but you won’t be able to ignore the lack of control and stopping power in dangerous situations. Keep your car running smoothly and safely by calling AAMCO Kansas City at (816) 533-4247.


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