The Aging of the American Auto

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Timely Auto Repair, Merriam, KS, Kansas City, MOHow old is your car? Statistics suggest that the average American car is about 10.8 years old. That’s a higher number than in decades past, suggesting that people are hanging onto their cars longer. That can be a smart financial decision, especially for the driver who is diligent about getting an auto repair as the need arises.

Timely Auto Repair in Merriam, KS and Kansas City, MO

An auto repair doesn’t have to involve significant expense. Sometimes it is the preventative auto repair that in fact saves the driver a great deal of money. Because drivers are keeping their vehicles on the road longer, mechanics who specialize in auto repair are seeing an uptick in their revenue. Similarly, shops that sell replacement parts are benefiting from drivers who prefer to do their own auto repair. This is good news for the economy, and good news for the consumer who likes the satisfaction that comes from a do-it-yourself project.

Many people are choosing auto repair over buying a new car because it makes financial sense. However, it is the overall quality of cars on the road today that makes it possible for routine auto repair to keep vehicles on the road. Even cars that are nearing a decade in age have the advantage of better components and technology than were available in previous decades. However, even the best made car needs routine maintenance to keep performing on the road. Accordingly, taking care of your car’s auto repair needs as they come up ensures that your car is as reliable as ever.

Older cars can give drivers a distinct economic advantage. However, that only works if the driver stays “in tune” with their ride. Notice small changes like a shimmy in the tires or an unaccustomed sound. Get these anomalies checked out sooner rather than later. An older car needs to be a finely tuned machine in order to keep it on the road. Listen to your car, and complete the auto repair projects that it needs.

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