Having Power Steering Problems With Your Car?

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Power steering is one of those automobile marvels that most of us just take for granted. However, if you’re having problems with your power steering, it becomes a constant reminder that your car requires auto repair. The following list details the different issues that could show up in your power steering.

Auto Repair for Power Steering Problems

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• Pump – A faulty pump on your power steering will instantly wake you up! The screeching noise that emits from a failing power steering pump is immediately noticeable to the driver and everyone in the vicinity. Even if you enjoy all the attention from the neighbors, your car is crying out for some auto repair!

• Belt – When power steering belts become worn, cracked or dried, you’ll begin to feel some shaking in the steering wheel as you attempt to make any turns. You might also get that ear-splitting screeching sound as well. If you do have power steering belt problems, take your car in for auto repair right away before the issue transfers to other areas of the system.

• Fluid – The power steering fluid should be checked regularly to insure that it never gets too low. When the fluid reaches critical levels, it can affect the rack and pinion system that provides high-pressure fluid to the pump. This can make your steering wheel very difficult to turn. 

• Leaks – Leaks in the line connected to the pump can occur when the rubber hoses dry out from the high temperatures coming from the engine. Leaks can also occur in the pump itself and drip onto the power steering belt. If you’re comfortable replacing the lines yourself, then you can do some minor auto repair to fix your leak problem.

While many of us can handle do-it-yourself auto repair by checking the power steering fluid or looking for leaks, any other power steering problem should be handled by a licensed mechanic. Professional auto repair is really the best way to go with a complicated system like power steering.

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