Does That Strange Noise Mean You Need Auto Repair?

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When you hear popping, grinding or clunking sounds, you may want to ask your car, “Are you talking to me?” Typically, if you hear strange noises then you may need auto repair. Here are a few of the most common car noises and what they could mean:

Signs You Might Need Auto Repair-Or Not

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• Buzzing – If you sense a continuous buzzing like a bee, the possible cause could be low air pressure in one of the tires or loose lug nuts. Another possible explanation could be a loose part inside your car. Most buzzing noises can be fixed easily and require simple auto repair.

• Chirping – Chirping sounds like birds under your hood could be the result of worn out fan belts or a problem with your alternator or water pump. Either way, you may need auto repair for chirping.

• Clicking – A light tapping sound coming from your engine can sound like clicking. This could be the cause of low oil pressure or oil levels. If you hear clicking when you’re turning your car, then it may be an issue with the automobile’s CV joint and require professional auto repair.

Flapping – If you’re hearing a constant flapping sound like a flag waving in the wind, your car may have a problem with a belt, tire or fan. Some other non-mechanical explanations could be a back window rolled down partially or a seat belt accidentally left hanging outside the car door.

• Grinding – Metal-on-metal is probably the best description of grinding. This sound may be happening if the gears are shifted incorrectly, the brake linings are worn down or if the wheel or axle bearings are worn out.

• Hissing – Hissing sounds like steam coming from a small opening can be a sign of a larger problem such as a vacuum leak or a punctured tire. If it is a vacuum leak, then you’ll need auto repair.

While this is only a partial list of interesting noises that could come from your car, they all should be communicating to you. Pay attention to your car and seek professional auto repair before it escalates.

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