Want Quality Auto Repair? Here are the Best Times to Go

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While there are certain times that you have no choice but to get auto repair right then, at other times, you can wait a while. For those times when you can get auto repair at your convenience, here are the best times to go. 

Best Times of the Year for Quick Auto Repair

Best Times for Auto Repair in Kansas City and Overland Park

• Between Christmas and New Year’s Day

• The days after holidays

• Anytime in April

• Days when there is bad weather

Ideally, you will want to take your car in for auto repair when the service center is not busy. There are two reasons for this. First of all, you can get better auto repair service. Fewer customers means more time that the mechanic can spend focusing on you. He’ll miss less, and he’ll be better able to answer any questions that you have. 

Secondly, you will be better able to negotiate a good deal on your auto repair. The mechanic knows that he really has to maximize his sales from the few people that do walk through the doors, so he is more likely to throw things in for free to get you to buy.

Best Times of the Day for Auto Repair

• Early to Mid Morning
• Early to Mid Afternoon

The worst time of day to get an auto repair is right before lunch or right before the end of the day. This is because the mechanic will be hungry or ready to go for the day, and he might be tempted to rush through your job quickly so he can get out of there. While most professional mechanics would still attempt to do their best, they are not likely to be as patient or as thorough. 

Therefore, the best time of the day for auto repair is early to mid morning or afternoon. During these times, your mechanic is much more likely to be focused and ready to work. He is also less likely to be busy if you are one of the first ones in for the day, which means that you’ll get out quicker as well. 

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