Seven Reasons You Need to Pull Your Car Over

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When driving, you usually want to get to your destination as soon as possible. There are times when it is essential to pull over to the side of the road, however. Here are seven times you need to pull over.

Signs You Need to Pull Your Car Over

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1. You Can’t See Where You are Going

Whether the poor visibility is caused by rain, snow, fog or hail, if you can’t see where you are going, you need to pull over and wait. Otherwise, you will likely end up in a crash and need auto repair.

2. You Have a Medical Emergency

If you or someone in your car is having a medical emergency, whether they are having a stroke or they are choking, do not continue driving either home or to the hospital. Pull over and call 911 immediately.

3. You Can’t Reach Something You Need

If you drop your phone or you can’t reach your sunglasses on the floor, don’t try to lean while driving. Pull over, retrieve the item, and then continue on your way.

4. Your Children are Distracting You

Children can make paying attention to the road and avoiding unnecessary auto repair very tricky at times. If your kids are getting restless, cranky or overly energetic, pull over and get them settled back down.

5. You Hear Sirens or See Flashing Lights

Even if you can’t tell where the sound is coming from, be alert and ready to stop at any minute. Emergency vehicles often seem to come out of nowhere.

6. Your Car Starts Acting Up

Cars don’t usually make loud, sudden noises or changes to the way they handle unless they require auto repair. If your car suddenly sounds strange or acts differently, pull over and have your car towed in for auto repair immediately.

7. Your Engine Starts Smoking

A smoking engine is another sure sign that your car needs auto repair. Don’t try to drive to the auto repair shop yourself. Pull over and call a tow truck.

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