What Should Go in Your Winter Survival Kit?

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Winter can be a beautiful yet deadly time of year. If you have an older vehicle, the potential risk of needing an auto repair at the worst possible time becomes more hazardous in the winter. To be truly prepared, it’s best to make a winter survival kit to keep inside your vehicle.

Auto Repair: Keep Safe In Your Car This Winter

Auto Repair for Winter Emergencies in Overland Park

Your winter survival kit should include the following:

• A flashlight and extra batteries
• Water
• Non-perishable food like energy bars, raisins and small candy bars
• A blanket and/or sleeping bag
• A shovel and windshield scraper
• A First Aid kit
• Extra socks, mittens, scarves and hats
• Kitty litter or road salt to provide traction
• Emergency flares
• A fluorescent flag to signal oncoming traffic

In addition to a fully-stocked winter survival kit, you’ll want to follow these guidelines if your car breaks down and needs an emergency auto repair.

Emergency Auto Repair Guidelines

• When you store your flashlight, switch the batteries around to keep them from draining.
• If you find yourself in auto repair situation, dial 911 and give your location and the condition of your automobile. Be sure to follow any instructions.
• Take your car into your auto repair shop for a tune-up before the severe weather begins.
• Always let someone know your plans, especially on long journeys in rural areas.
• Keep your cell phone charger handy in the glove compartment.
• If your car does break down, secure the fluorescent flag from your kit onto the antenna of your car. Other motorists will be able to see you better and your need for auto repair assistance.
• If at all possible, it’s best to stay in your vehicle until help arrives. Even a broken down car provides some sort of shelter.

Stay Safe With Auto Repair and Maintenance

The most important thing to remember is to stay awake, warm and hydrated in the case of an unexpected auto repair on a lonely road in winter. You may need to crack your window slightly to let in some fresh air until help arrives. By being prepared, you’ll be thankful you’ve thought ahead.

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