Signs of Transmission Trouble in Manual and Automatic Vehicles

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Signs of Transmission Trouble

Vehicle transmission repair or replacement can be expensive, so it is vitally important you catch transmission trouble before it gets worse. Whether you have a manual or automatic system, there are several key symptoms of transmission problems in your car or light truck.


Do I Need Transmission Repair?

Gear SelectorIn modern cars, one of the more obvious signs of trouble is when the “check engine” light shows up on your dashboard. Because this can mean any number of things, additional clues should be used to determine if you need transmission repair.
The next thing to do is peek underneath the car to see if there are any drips that have accumulated wherever you’ve parked. Transmission fluid is pink, and is necessary for shifting gears and keeping the car running smoothly. Also check fluid levels under the hood.
There are also signs you may need transmission repair that can occur when you are driving. If the car stalls, shudders, or hesitates when shifting from one gear to the next, it is time for a checkup. Any grinding or clunking noises are also a bad sign.

Manual Shift Stick In Blue

Clues for Manual versus Automatic Vehicles

The signs your car needs transmission repair differ slightly if you have a manual or automatic transmission system. There are other clues for manual transmission
If it is difficult to move the gear shift into gear, or the clutch sticks when you depress it to make a change, the transmission needs help. The car may have a tendency to slip into neutral, even while driving.
With proper maintenance and close attention to fluid levels, the car’s transmission should last a long time. If these problems pop up while you are idling or driving, take your vehicle in for transmission repair.

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