What Does a Transmission Actually Do?

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When your car is running well, you don’t generally think about all of the parts and how they all work together. What happens when something goes wrong, however? Whether you love working on cars or you simply need a little beginner knowledge, it pays to know a little about your car and how it runs. close-up of automobile engine or transmission steel gear box

What Is the Transmission?

One crucial component of any car is the transmission. The transmission is the part of the car that helps the engine provide the appropriate amount of power to the wheels by switching gears for maximum efficiency.A car can have either an automatic or a manual transmission. With an automatic transmission, your car will shift gears automatically as you accelerate. With a manual transmission (also known as a stick or stick shift), you have to manually switch gears and push on the clutch as you increase in speed in order to drive at your car’s maximum efficiency.

How Do I Know if my Transmission is Running Properly?

When your transmission is running properly, your car should be able to easily and quietly shift back and forth between gears for maximum efficiency and reduced fuel waste. Unfortunately, however, transmissions can give problems when not serviced regularly.

What are some Common Transmission Problems?

Common transmission problems include refusing to shift between gears, leaking fluid, shaking, producing strange sounds or smells, and slipping between gears. If you notice any of these symptoms while driving, you should bring your car in to a mechanic for an inspection right away. Not only can a faulty transmission be very dangerous, but the longer you wait to get repairs, the worse the problems is likely to get and the more you will end up spending to fix it.
Even if you aren’t a car enthusiast, if you own and drive a car regularly, it pays to know what the various components do, especially the components that are crucial to keeping your car running.

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