Why Won’t My Car Start?

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Imagine your worst nightmare has come true: you’re all ready for work, you get in your car, put the keys in the ignition and nothing happens. You try turning the keys again, expecting your car to start. Still nothing. You realize your car won’t start. If you’re car savvy, it’s a double whammy because you know that pretty much anything under the hood can cause your car to not start.Under The Hood

Troubleshooting the Problem

While your issue may be as simple as a dead battery that needs a jump start, much deeper issues can cause your car to fail to start.

  • Check your fuses. Even though few cars have fuses associated with the starting system, it’s best to check for a simple solution before you start toying with everything under the hood.
  • Check the battery for corrosion. If the connections are dirty or corroded, you battery loses connection to the rest of the car and it won’t start. Clean your battery posts and try to start your car again.
  • More often than not, if your car won’t start, you’ve got a dead battery. If you jump start it, and it starts right away, then the battery is dead. Replace the battery and clean the battery connections to ensure good contact.
  • A bad ignition switch or starter connection can also be the issue.
  • Check the fuel injection system’s electrical connections. Each fuel injector has an connector on top. And if you check every connection under the hood, you can find the faulty one.
  • The fuel pump and relay can also be the culprit. You can perform a system pressure test if you have the equipment.
  • Check the fuel filter. If the fuel pump works properly and fuel is still not reaching the engine, you could have a clogged filter.

If you’ve found the solution, hopefully you’ve gotten your car to start or secured a ride to work. Well-qualified mechanics like the ones at AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care of Overland Park would be glad to take a diagnose the problem and fix it. Call them at


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