The Damaging Effects of Driving Through Puddles

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With the crazy weather we had in Kansas City last night, including parts of our major interstates flooding, we wanted to post about what storms and the massive puddles they cause can actually do to your car.Flooded Street

Grinding Your Car’s Gears

The best bet for your car is to avoid being out in storms altogether. If you have a garage or car port, park your car in there. Your second best bet is to park away from trees that can blow over and hit your car. If you have to drive, those deep puddles of standing water can damage your car.  The water can damage your transmission by causing your gears to slip.

Stopping: Just as Important as Going

If your rotors are hot, water exposure can warp them. Your car will vibrate when you apply the brakes. Also, water can get into the brake lines and cause brake failure. Water in the brake lines may not show up right away. Pump your brakes after rolling through deep water to squeeze water from the pads.

Interior Damage

Water that seeps into the driver and passenger compartment will ruin upholstery, carpets and foam in the seats. Your car manufacturer may have installed computers in the floorboards and under the seats, and water damage to those components can cause all kinds of electrical and electronic issues.

Flood Damage Can Be Sneaky

The damage caused to your car due to flooding may not be apparent right away. If flooding has damaged your car, do not start the engine. Starting the engine can cause even more damage. The best thing to do is to have your car towed to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. If your car stalls because of standing water, have your car taken to a mechanic. Do not start it.

Check With Your Insurance Company

If your car is flooded, check with your insurance company to determine what your policy covers. While flooding can damage your car, sometimes puddles are unavoidable.

If your car has been in a flood, we can help. Call the experts at AAMCO Transmission and Total Car Care at (816) 766-2350 today.

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