Make Your Car Smell Better with 3 Simple Tips

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Picture this: you see a beautiful woman or a handsome man from across the room. He or she is dressed to the nines and has a great smile. You approach him or her and quickly realize that something is off — he or she has terrible-smelling breath, and you would give anything to get away. Your car should not be a similar disappointment. In order to avoid having a sharp-looking, but foul-smelling car, here are some simple tips to keep your vehicle smelling fresh:Man Pinches His Nose

1. Stop smoking in your car.

While it may seem obvious, auto upholstery is notorious for absorbing cigarette smoke and retaining the smell for years. A non-smoker’s car has a higher re-sell value than a smoker’s car. Not only that, but a smoker’s car is unpleasant for non-smokers. You can easily avoid lingering smells by not smoking in your car.

2. Remove any junk from the trunk.

Even when your car’s passenger compartment is clean, other parts of your vehicle can develop nasty odors. Trunks may leak as your car ages. The dampness can cause carpet lining to breed mildew and smell musty. Any items that you carry in your trunk can also be affected by dampness — like cardboard boxes. Many people carry groceries in their trunk, and it’s possible that some food has spilled out and gone undetected.

3. Use an automotive air freshener.

Like the scenario with the good-looking person with bad breath, a thorough cleaning and maintenance from the inside is the first step. After all, just chewing gum is not enough for fresh breath in the long-term, but it is a great addition to a solid oral hygiene routine. An air freshener is a great addition to an already clean and fresh-smelling car interior.

Use these tips for getting your car’s interior to be up to par with its exterior. If you’ve got any other questions about auto maintenance tips, call AAMCO of Overland Park at (816) 766-2350.


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