What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down When You’re Driving

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A Break Down for When Your Car Breaks Down

One of the scariest things to happen while driving if your vehicle malfunctioning. If your vehicle starts to have trouble when you’re driving, try to get to the right shoulder immediately, especially if you’re driving on the highway. While you pull your vehicle to the side of the road, keep in mind the following safety procedures:

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  • Try to coast until you find a straight portion of road, away from any curves so you can see oncoming traffic for when you do get back on the road.
  • Do not get out of your vehicle if the engine dies. While traffic backing up behind you is unnerving, trying to run across a freeway is suicide.
  • If it’s dark outside, turn on an interior light so other drivers can see you. If the engine is still operable, leave it running so you don’t drain the battery.

A comforting thing to remember is that roads that are heavily traveled are also heavily patrolled. A highway patrol officer may come by to help you out before you know it.

Additional Safety Tips

Once you’re safely on the side of the road, consider some other safety precautions:

  • Attach a piece of white cloth or paper to the driver’s side window by rolling it down, sliding the piece of cloth or paper in, and rolling the window back up.
  • Use your cell phone to call highway patrol or roadside assistance. If you don’t have a phone, locate an emergency call box if one is close. If not, your cloth or paper will suffice until highway patrol does show up.
  • If it’s daytime, use your emergency blinkers to alert other drivers that you aren’t moving. If it’s night, do not turn your blinkers on because other drivers may think your car is still moving, albeit slowly and hit you. Place flares around your car at night if you aren’t stuck in traffic.
  • If you have a flat tire, do not change it unless it’s on the side of your car away from traffic.

Contact AAMCO Today

If your car does break down when you’re on the road, take it or have it towed to AAMCO of Overland Park. We’ll be happy to fix the problem and get you back on the road. Call us at (816) 766-2350  to learn more.




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