Why Is My Oil Light Coming On?

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Cause for Concern

Any time your oil light comes on, it’s cause for concern. Sometimes it can mean that the oil pump isn’t circulating oil like it should. When the oil pump doesn’t work properly, your engine’s bearings and friction surfaces aren’t getting the lubrication they need. That can cause huge, costly problems.Service Engine Oil Pressure

What You Should Do If the Oil Light Comes On

If you’re at speed on the highway, pull over immediately.The first thing you should do is check the oil level. If it’s low, top it off. If the level is fine, your problem is likely with the oil pump, and your engine not getting the oil pressure it needs to function like it should.

Check the Oil Filter Next

The oil filter is a prime place for oil to leak. If the filter is on too loose, or it’s been twisted too tight and stripped, that can lead to an oil leak, and that’s bad for your engine.

Inspect the Oil Pan

It shouldn’t be an issue unless you’ve bottomed out with your vehicle and damaged the oil pan. However, it’s still a good idea to check the pan, bolt and anything else that could allow for toil to drain from the pan.

Diagnose Problems with Oil Pressure Sender Unit & Regulators

A professional will likely have to perform this step. AAMCO has the tools and knowledge to check all of the oil pressure regulation systems in new vehicles. Older vehicles’ oil lights referred to an empty pan. New cars and trucks have sophisticated technology that can give you a false positive where there is enough oil, but the oil light still comes on. If the shop can identify these issues, you’ll know your vehicle is still safe to drive.

If your oil light comes on, call the experts at AAMCO of Overland Park at (816) 766-2350 to schedule an appointment today.

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