Common Air Conditioning Problems for Your Car

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Before the summer sets in this year, you should consider maintenance and upgrades to your car air conditioning. By defining potential problems with your AC, you can prevent overheating while you are driving.

Temperatures Vary From Hot to Cold

Your car air conditioning temperature should remain consistent when you turn the fan to a certain speed. If it does not get as cool as it is supposed to, or fluctuates between hot and cold, then you may need to upgrade. This problem is usually caused by a leaking refrigerant, meaning that seals are broken or the cooling compressor or clutches are not functioning correctly.

Rattles and Noises Without Cool Air

Clanks and rattles in your AC system often are a telling sign that something is out of order. Other signs of a potential problem includes little to no cool air coming through the vents of your car air conditioning. You can assume that hoses or other devices are loose in your AC system. It is also possible that air, lubricants or the refrigerant need cleaned or cared for.

The Smell of Unclean Air

A common problem with AC is not with sound, but with smell. If you have noticed an odor in the AC, then you should clean the system. Over the winter, bacteria and microbes start to crawl into your system as the moisture from the AC offers a perfect breeding ground. Draining the AC tubes and cleaning your system can ward off the unwanted smells while allowing your car air conditioning to function like new.

Checking the Refrigerant Levels

When you use your AC, it responds with refrigerant levels. On average, your car air conditioning uses 15% of refrigerant levels each year. If you have noticed that the AC is no longer offering as much cool air, then you will need to check the levels and increase or refill the amount of refrigerant for a continuous cool breeze.

Scrubbing Out Dirt and Debris

Your car air conditioning can build up with unwanted dirt and debris over time. Cleaning out the vents, hoses and basic areas of the system will also prevent further damage to the AC.

Keep cool during the summer months while you are on the road. By examining and maintaining your car air conditioning, you will be able to keep your car like new. Basic care of the AC, including examination by an AC mechanic, ensures that you stay cool in your car even in the heat of summer.

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