Tips on Preparing Your Car for a Spring Break Road Trip

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Make sure your spring break road trip goes smoothly and without a breakdown. A simple check up and basic car maintenance before the trip can prevent a disaster or emergency situation. There are specific target points on your vehicle that you should check before leaving. These top five tips ensure a safe trip, without unwanted adventures from your vehicle breaking down.

Tip 1: Check the Battery

Your car battery should be fully charged and able to sustain a long life while on the road. You will want to check battery levels by examining the amount of fluid in the battery. You should always make sure your battery is charged and able to hold during long trips on the road.

Tip 2: Keeping Your Tires Rolling

A flat tire is one of the most common breakdowns of road trips. Before going on a trip, check the amount of air in each tire, making sure they are full and are able to hold without going flat. You also want to check the gauge of the tire treads, making sure they are 3/4 inches and with strong traction. Rotating or changing tires before you leave can stop unnecessary breakdowns. Making sure your spares are also ready to go can assist you with getting out of the side of the road if there is a problem by default.

Tip 3: Measuring Vehicle Fluids

Make sure all vehicle fluids are filled and in top condition. Engine oil should be at a full level before you leave for a trip. You also want to check the transmission fluid levels and antifreeze. Checking each of these essential fluids equates to a safer trip.

Tip 4: Don’t Stop Without Checking Brakes

Faulty breaks lead to problematic situations, especially during longer trips. Checking the brake pressure is an important part of car maintenance. This includes measurements of brake pressure as well as brake fluid in the car, all of which make your trip easier with stop and go points.

Tip 5: Clicking Into Electrical Equipment

It is sometimes the smaller elements of a vehicle that can lead to problems while on the road. Your car maintenance should consist of checking all electrical equipment. Your windshield wipers, windows and turning signals should all be in top order and simple to use. If you have a GPS or other connected devices, then you will want to include this into the mix.

With a simple check up and a small amount of car maintenance, you will easily be able to glide to your destination. A smooth ride begins with preparation for your longer trip. By examining and upgrading the essential parts of your vehicle, you will easily be able to enjoy your next adventure.

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