The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Car

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If you ignore preventative maintenance on your car for too long, you will end up with a much bigger and more expensive headache than you started with. Oil unchanged can lead to complete engine seizure. A slow leak in a brake line can send you hurtling out of control into danger.

Preventative maintenance begins with your car owner’s manual. Instead of just shoving it in the glove box, take the time to read through and learn a bit about your new car. This book will tell you when to change oil, air filters and how much weight the vehicle can haul safely. Following the schedule for preventative maintenance in the book is a great start to keeping your car safe and working well.

Other Preventative Maintenance Tips

1 – Inspect everything on a schedule. Once a month or week, take the time to give your car or truck a front to back, top to bottom inspection. Look for anything out of the ordinary, listen for any odd sounds and keep track of how well your car is performing.

2 – Make sure to regularly check and refill all the fluids in your car. Spots on the driveway or where you park your car are a good indication that something is leaking. This includes oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and even windshield washer solution.

3 – Either replace filters or bring your vehicle into the shop so professionals can do it periodically. Although the oil filter can be a more challenging job for the inexperienced, everyone should be able to easily change an air filter.

4 – Check engine belts for any wear, nicks or damage. Also, make sure the fan belt or serpentine belt is appropriately tight and does not squeal when the car is starting up or running. A lot of preventative maintenance can be done based off of changes in the car’s operation.

Proper preventative maintenance on your vehicle will help keep you and your family safe, improve fuel efficiency and increase the overall life of your car or truck. Call AAMCO in Overland Park today at (913) 766 2350.

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