Common Transmission Problems and How to Solve Them

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Common Transmission Problems & How to Solve Them

If your car fails to shift into a higher gear while accelerating or shudder and clunk during the process, or if a red puddle appears on the driveway, your transmission needs prompt attention by a professional. These are just some of the signs that the complex system of gears that control the power that goes to the wheels needs help. If any of them occur, it is essential you get it checked out right away before more expensive and potentially dangerous problems occur.

Top Signs of Transmission Problems

Red transmission fluid puddling on the driveway is a sign that either you spilled when filling the reservoir or there is a leak in the system. The cost and difficulty of repairing these transmission problems depend totally on where the leak is. A broken O-ring is cheap, an internal leak can cost hundreds.

A burning smell, when the car is running, could come from a transmission leak dripping onto hot engine parts, but it could also mean your fluid levels are too low or there is another problem. Trying replacing the fluid before getting too worried.

The most common signs of transmission problems are unusual sounds like clunks, thuds, and shudders, as well as general difficulty shifting gears. The engine’s RPMs may raise up too high before a shift occurs, or the car may slip into the wrong gear temporarily while driving. These transmission problems can be quite serious and dangerous and you should bring the car into the experts as soon as possible.

Prevention & Treatment of Transmission Problems

The best way to stop transmission problems before they start is by keeping your car properly maintained. Check fluid levels regularly and pay attention to any changes while driving. Because transmission problems can be so serious, your best bet is to go straight for the professional car repair and maintenance team before trouble starts.

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