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    Why Is My Oil Light Coming On?

    Any time your oil light comes on, it's cause for concern. Sometimes it can mean that the oil pump isn't circulating oil like it should. When the oil pump doesn't work properly, your engine's bearings and friction surfaces aren't getting the lubrication they need. That can cause huge, costly problems.
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    Four Cooling System Myths Busted

    A lot of misinformation is circulated about auto repair. It can seem like every time someone asks a question regarding one issue, he or she receives a different answer. Amateur mechanics or unethical pros make it tough to sift through that misinformation and get a correct answer. We're here to set the record straight about your car's cooling system.
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    Why Is My Car Shaking?

    If your car vibrates when you're driving, watch out. It can be a sign that you need to check the tires, or the rims for any bending, or the brakes. If your car continues to shake, the vibration could damage the tires and suspension.

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