1. Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

    Summer 2015 officially starts on June 21. And in Kansas City that means we can count on sunshine (hopefully), barbecues, and vacations. Many people will pack up their cars and head out on the open road for the lake, camping, or even longer road trips to see all the wonders the world has to offer. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road or stuck at a car rental place with your summer plans ruined.
  2. Driving Safety Tips

    June is National Safety Month. AAMCO of Overland Park takes driving and automobile safety very seriously. Thousands of people die or are seriously injured in car accidents every year, and with a few precautions, you can drastically reduce your chances of being in an automobile accident.
  3. How to Avoid Texting and Driving

    Did you know that according to the website,, “Five seconds is the minimal amount of attention that a driver who texts takes away from the road. If traveling at 55 mph, this equals driving the length of a football field without looking at the road.” Diverting your attention for the road for even a moment causes seriously harm to you, your passengers, other drivers and their occupants as well as pedestrians and animals.
  4. How to Prevent Your Vehicle from Overheating

    There’s nothing worse than a car that keeps overheating while you’re driving it down the road. Pulling over to the side of a busy highway to let your vehicle cool down is a nuisance and avoidable. By following the list of tips mentioned here, you keep your car from overheating and ruining your day.
  5. Maintenance Tips for People Who Drive a Lot

    Warmer weather means you drive more. There’s places to go in the spring and summer as well as people to see. If you’re subject to a long commute by choice or necessity, you know how quickly a break down or flat tire ruins your day. Auto maintenance is a necessity not a luxury. Rather than take chances, why not maintain your car in preparation of the increased mileage you’ll drive and put on it?
  6. What Makes a Good Mechanic?

    Is your current mechanic a friend or foe? Are you happy with the level of service provided by the auto shop you patron? If you’re shopping mechanics, there are some things you need to look for. From fan belts to transmission repair, the person you have work on your vehicle needs great diagnostic skills.
  7. What Does a Transmission Actually Do?

    When your car is running well, you don't generally think about all of the parts and how they all work together. What happens when something goes wrong, however? Whether you love working on cars or you simply need a little beginner knowledge, it pays to know a little about your car and how it runs.
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