1. Are Your Rotors Warped?

    Rotors are round discs seen through the spaces in your rim. When braking, the brake pads clamp onto the rotor and make the vehicle stop. Although a rotor is meant to be flat and smooth, it often becomes damaged which makes driving difficult.
  2. How to Know When to Change Your Brake Pads

    The most important safety feature on your car is its brakes. Like most mechanical parts, the brakes require routine maintenance, especially brake pads. The brake pads clamp down on the rotor, which slows down and stops the car. Repeated use causes brake pads to wear down. Worn brake pads mean that the car won't stop as effectively, and that means danger.
  3. Why Should You Check Your Tire Pressure When Temperature Changes

    Tire pressure helps tires keep traction and maintain durability. In order to maximize performance, tire must be properly inflated. Air pressure takes the brunt of the weight of a vehicle, not the tire. That’s why you should check your tires often and add air to them whenever they are low.
  4. Signs of Transmission Trouble in Manual and Automatic Vehicles

    Signs of Transmission Trouble Vehicle transmission repair or replacement can be expensive, so it is vitally important you catch transmission trouble before it gets worse. Whether you have a manual or automatic system, there are several key symptoms of transmission...
  5. Watch Out For These Cold Weather Problems

    Preparing for the blizzards, snow and cold weather also means knowing how to prepare your transportation while focusing on cold weather safety. The wrong moves with winter weather driving can cause you to have difficulties with your daily routine. If you want to avoid transportation problems during the winter, then you will also want to know what to look out for before you decide to leave your home. This will prevent complications and help your day to run smoothly, despite the amount of snow on the ground or cold in the air.
  6. Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Engine Repair

    When you know that there is something wrong with your engine, it can be tempting to ignore it. After all, many people think that engine repair is expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. But if you don't pay attention to your check engine light, you could do major damage -- both to your vehicle and to the convenience of your daily life.
  7. Fight Winter Weather With a Free Auto Repair Checkup

    Winter can be really tough on all of your vehicle's systems. Low temperatures, rain, ice, snow, wind and road salt can keep your car from running its best and can even damage your car enough that you'll need auto repair. But our team is dedicated to helping you get the auto repair you need so that winter weather won't harm your vehicle!
  8. Why Brake Repair Is Essential in Winter Weather

    Between the holidays, shopping and work, taking care of your car might be the last thing on your mind this winter. But when you ignore the warning signs that indicate you need brake repair, you put yourself and your family in danger. Read on to learn how winter weather and driving conditions affect your brakes -- and learn what you can do to stay safe until spring.
  9. How Winter Weather Threatens Your Tires

    Winter weather gives drivers a number of headaches. There's snow in the driveway, frost to scrape away from the windshield and icy patches on the road. But winter also brings a less obvious hazard for drivers, namely, cold temperatures. Most drivers do not realize how much cold temperatures affect their vehicles -- and how much the cold threatens their safety while on the road.
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