Air Conditioning Repair

If you’re going to live in the Midwest, your car needs a working air conditioner. Commutes through the Grandview Interchange and even short jaunts to work can become nearly unbearable in Kansas City heat. AAMCO Transmission and Auto Repair can service your vehicle’s A/C system so that you can keep cool.

If your car A/C is only blowing warm air or is blowing air only slightly cooler than the air outside, this is an indication that you should seek repair. Another indication that you need repair is that the interior of your auto won’t cool down quickly enough. A functioning air conditioner system is an essential feature to maintaining safety and comfort when operating your vehicle.

Car A/C Repair

AAMCO Air Conditioning

Our expert auto air conditioning repair technicians are certified to know what to look for if auto air conditioning repair is needed.. We can also service your air conditioning system in the event it simply needs recharged. You don’t want be without your air conditioning during the hot and humid Kansas City summer. Not only is it miserable, it can also be dangerous. Talk to the auto air conditioning repair specialists at your local Kansas City AAMCO.

Car A/C Repair Services:

Inspect hoses, lines and seals for leaks
Check temperature readings
Inspect drive belt for cracks or damage
Recharge refrigerant to exact specifications
Replace air conditioning belt

Our shop is committed to making sure you drive off our lot with a safe, dependable vehicle. We perform a 36-point Multi-Point Inspection on each vehicle we repair – even if you just come in for air conditioning service. You trust us to keep you safe, and that’s our promise to you. We’ll carefully go through each area of your vehicle and ensure that it’s working properly before we let you take off.

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