Expert Clutch Repair In Overland Park

The Importance of Clutch Repair & Replacement Services

Your clutch is a necessary part of your car’s ability to keep you safely on the road and at AAMCO Transmission & Auto Repair of Overland Park we will make sure your clutch repair is done with great expertise. The purpose of the clutch is to transfer power from the vehicle’s engine to the transmission system by using a complex mechanism.  In cars with a manual transmission, the clutch is the left-most pedal used to shift gears while driving. In cars with automatic transmissions, the clutch engages and disengages the transmission.  Either way, the clutch is an extremely important mechanical device.  Your vehicle’s clutch is one of the most frequently used mechanical components and the clutch pedal is used every time you want to shift gears.  It is important to make sure the clutch is in perfect condition if you want your vehicle to operate smoothly.

How do I Know if I Have Clutch Issues?

Manual transmission drivers know that at some point, you’ll probably have problems and need clutch repair done on your car. Hopefully you were taught how not to ride the clutch when learning to drive a stick, but unfortunately, most people still make it a bad habit, which can result in a worn out clutch and clutch repair needed. Here are some signs to watch for:
  • Trouble shifting your clutch- If you notice that when you shift, your car shakes and doesn’t engage easily, this is a sign your clutch could be going out. Shifting problems will be most apparent when going in reverse or first gear.
  • You smell something burning- Unfortunately when your clutch is failing, you can tell by a burning smell. The smell is caused by the friction of your slipping clutch.
  • A soft or “spongy” clutch– When driving your car, pay close attention to how your clutch feels and how far you let the clutch out before the gear catches. It is also a sign of a worn clutch if you have to let it out most of the way.
  • Visible Damage to Your Clutch- There will be noticeable visible damage that a specialist will be able to identify.

Trust your Clutch Repair to the Experts

If you think you you see signs and might need clutch repair, let the transmission experts at AAMCO Transmission & Auto Repair of Overland Park give your car a thorough inspection. Call us at (913) 766-2350 or schedule an appointment online today. 

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