When Is It Time to Replace Your Car’s Transmission?

transmission repairWhen it comes to your vehicle, the transmission plays a crucial role in its functionality. A rogue transmission can result in a number of driving complications, some of which result in a car that doesn’t work. Unsure when it is time to have this crucial car component replaced? Our Overland Park, KS, auto center can help you identify transmission replacement signs and help you make the repairs your vehicle needs to be road-ready.

Signs It’s Time to Replace the Transmission

  • Transmission Leak; typically you will see a red fluid beneath your parked vehicle.

  • Metal remnants in transmission fluid; this is indicative of premature wearing.

  • Low transmission fluid sometimes points to signs of overheating or excessive fluid burning — something no car owner wants.

How We Can Help

If you car is exhibiting any of these signs, or you think you need to replace or repair its transmission, the auto experts at our Overland Park, KS-based facility can help you identify existing problems and make any needed repairs. What sets us apart from other auto repair shops? Our industry experience and friendly, knowledgeable professionals set us apart from the crowd, delivering the results you want, when you need them most.

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